Alchemie Autumn

2014 Gallery

Dearest friends—-
Since you left, we have been searching for the words… nothing can really express it. We are awed by you, your beauty, and the art, co-creation, fantasy, fun, and the extraordinarily deep embrace we all just made together these days of Alchemie.

Light and love-filled the heart says over and over again thank you thank you thank you!! For each one of you, for this time-stopping beauty, for this extraordinary dance, this irreplaceable community…

To every dancer who came to Alchemie 2014 and blessed the event with your presence.

To Kinga Lakner for capturing the precious moments in this album.

To the dear Dancers who made magic these days:
Performers: Matias Facio, Claudia Rogowski, Sven Elze,Guggi Zuzakova, Ozgur Arin, Sonja Schüssler
with special guests Valentina Cabro, La Diamante Acrobatic Duo and teachers Gaia Pisauro & Leandro Furlan.

To our genius DJs- brilliant music, brilliant people, all adored:
Analía LaRubia Del Giglio, Francesco Fra, Jens-Ingo Brodesser, Stefan OK,Gaia Pisauro,