This year, we have a very special festival/marathon planned for you. For this final phase of the process in our 9th year, Alchemie is organizing a 24-hour benefit for our Tree-planting initiative, that will not only gather dancers but also DJs from at least 10 different time zones.

For this very special occasion, we have developed a “communities system” that will allow you and the other dancers in your city to join us.


Because we want your city to be here with us 🙂

Come, support our cause and represent your city in the Planet Tango 24-hour benefit! This is our chance to unify the tango community and we would be very happy to share it with you!

All communities will receive a considerable discount, be mentioned as official support of the event,  and have their own table on Saturday.


All you have to do is join with at least 5 other members of your local tango group to form a role-balanced community with an equal number of leaders and followers (or larger number of leaders).


We have communities from Nuremberg, Munich, Berlin…and growing in Paris, Geneva and more. Join the party or create your own community!

So, where will you be on 20th June, 2015? Gather your community and join the party! Prague awaits!