Alchemie 7th Heaven

2013 Gallery

“The 7 is the Dream, and the Dream is Life Itself. Live your LifeDream here on Mother Earth and make it beautiful”

Alicia Hamm blessing for Tango Alchemie 2013

Alchemie 7th Heaven was exactly that for us, thanks to what these dear friends and artists opened to, and opened us to, these days of Alchemie 2013. Purely themselves, exquisitely human, they entered and together created absolute magic — and a very real, heartfelt pure pure tango.

To the artists, musicians, team,  and to every single one of you who danced with us ~~ You are the Dancer, divine — divided and indivisible.

Thank you all who dance this dance, who came to be with us in Prague and who made  this amazing time with us!

~ Mariangeles Caamaño & Bruno Tombari (AR)
~ Maria Mondino & Ismael Ludman (AR)
~ Sonja Bruyninckx & Sven Breynaert (BE)
~ Rita Caldar & Vasco Martins (PT)
~ .zgür Arin & Sonja Schüssler (TR/DE)
~ Utku Küley & Nadide Ece Somer (TR)
~ Haris Mihail & Malika Pitou-Nicolier (GR/FR)

Special Guest Performers:
Sven Elze & Jonas Bieber (DE)
La Brujeria- Yana Nikolayuk, Irina Voyushina, Sasha Sugrey (RU)

~Analía La Rubia / (AR)
~Massimo Maugeri /(IT)
~Özgur Arin /(TR)

~Utku Küley /(TR)
~Joerg Haubner / (DE)
~Jens-Ingo Brodesser / (BE)
~Hagen Schröter / (DE)
~Konrad Krynski / (HU)

Ivo Saint (AR)
Sven Elze (DE)
Frederik Konradsen (DK)
Marek Stefan (CR)
Lazaro Estevez (UR)
Maximilliano Lingotti (AR)


Deepest thanks to our long-term creative partners Thomas Rieser of Nou Berlin and Ishka Michocka (design, photography) for co-creating  Alchemie with us these many years.

And our gratitude to the following photographers who have so beautifully
captured these memories for us:
Ivo Saint
Ivo Chauveau
Magdalena Rodziewicz
Jiri Svoboda
Jean-Pierre Battaile
Kristyna Reichterova
Oliver Richter
Alena Minarikova
TJ Jorg Haubner
Weisse NachTT Photographie
Trung Hieu Nguyen

And to Tomas Patlich for camera and video editing


Alchemie_Super_AdminGallery 2013 : Alchemie 7th Heaven